Outdoor Wedding Video

capture your special day with video

The Challenge

Outdoor Weddings are a fun challenge because the weather, light and atmosphere is always different.  This brings a variety of changing dynamics and moods that interact with the camera and the guests.  But this is a huge day for you, and so we focus on the process, finding the authentic smiles along the way, and your natural beauty.  There is only one chance to shoot, we can’t be worried about missing a moment due to equipment failure or inexperience.  We also want to capture your personality in the video, so that the final product feels closer to your authentic self than to our portfolio.

The Solution

We always start with a consultation.  We want to know what you and your partner want in a wedding video.  What is the feel, the energy, the style and the scale.  Once we have a good idea of what you are looking for, we make the plans, rent the gear and prepare for your day.  We arrive early to test our cameras in the changing light, and take footage of the changing scene throughout the day, including time-lapses, to make sure the transition from vows to reception is smooth.  We use multiple cameras and wireless microphones so that we don’t miss a smile.  We can also provide you and your partner with the latest GoPro for your honey moon – you take the footage and we do the edit, color and sound mix!


Time Lapse Teaser

We know your big day will go by fast.  We use multiple cameras and audio recorders to make sure you don’t miss a moment.  Take a look at our wedding video teaser, shot with a time-lapse of the ceremony and reception.

Also, notice the motion graphic artwork.  We created and animated it from scratch to match the design the couple created for their invitations.

HD and Low Light

We use the best cameras for the job.  This party was a birthday celebration for a friend who said her favorite part about parties are the smiles.  Take a look at the simple way we cut the video, keeping the dimensions only smile high.  We also have a large version with all of the faces.

The edited versions of your wedding video, along with all the raw footage from your event is archived on a hard drive, which we will present to you after the final cut is complete.

Save the Date

This beautiful couple wanted a ‘save the date’ featuring their new family member Earl – the dog.  We attended a small gathering of friends and shot the space that would become their wedding venue, following Earl around the entire evening.

Outdoor Wedding Highlight Reel

This beautiful and original couple wanted to remember their outdoor wedding, and capture their motorbike-loving personality, with a highlight reel featuring their brother and sister-in-law’s song.  It rained the entire weekend, but that didn’t stop this couple from having an amazing wedding celebration in the mud!  They actually preferred it this way!


crisp testosterone

unique perspective

Dogs Welcome

Seamless High Definition Video

Streamable on Every Device

We upload our videos in 1080p High Definition on Vimeo and Youtube which enables everyone to see your video on any device.

Fast and Efficient the First Time

Live Events happen once.  We make sure the best parts are never missed.

Multiple Angles, One Vision

We have come to know the value in pre-production planning.  It reduces costs on the back end and brings a higher quality product.

Indoor video is also an option

Staff Hours

Hours of Prep

Hour Turnaround

Amazing Result

Days Notice needed

The Results Were Amazing

If you are thinking of recording your special day with video or photography, give us a call.  We have busy schedules, but will be happy to offer you a free quote or a referral if your project is out of our scope.  Outdoor wedding film quotes begin around $1,850.

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