Project Description

Emily wanted to tell the story of how Eat for Equity was created.  She wanted the video to feel natural and authentic.  She wanted it to be under 2 minutes and she wanted to shoot on site, in her trailer.  She also wanted to have fun.  We planned the shoot for the following week, invited a bunch of friends over for a dinner, and had a blast making this video in her trailer/kitchen/home/headquarters.

Project Details

Client – Eat for Equity
Date – October 12, 2014
Skills – Storytelling, Collaborating
View –

Finding the Story

Creative Videography

Before a project begins, we try to discover unique ways to tell your story through creative video techniques.

Sight. Sound. Taste.

Since each video has a unique story to tell, we make sure the lighting and sound is mixed to match the feel of your video and we spend a lot of time working post-production in Final Cut Pro X and Davinci Resolve, directly affecting the look and emotion felt by the viewer.

Final Cut Pro X Color Grade, storytelling

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