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Austin's Video Proposal


Ryan Companies spends valuable time and resources planning and executing some of the most complex developments in America, while also cultivating a culture of respect and service, leading the industry with sustainable, LEED certified projects, and investing in local economies and philanthropy.  However, a video and social media presence showcasing these extra-ordinary practices and projects is yet to be seen.


We have started brainstorming ideas for a video and social media campaign that will build and showcase the amazing projects being developed, the people behind the projects, and the culture that connects the two.  The videos will be a way to showcase your work in the community, build momentum for new business, and catalog projects in a unique way that builds on the strong branding already in place.



This video series will pair an employee at RYAN with a satisfied client, sharing a unique aspect of a project, the philosophy behind the practice (like LEED certified buildings) and the repercussions felt by the client.
Among the variety of sectors and project types, Ryan Companies is building lasting and notable projects in the community, like ‘The Yard’ outside the Viking’s stadium.  It is important to leverage these public interest projects so you can have a voice in shaping community interpretations.
As Companies grow, relevant and consistent communication becomes more important and complex.  Internal communication videos can be a great way to share a message, inform a new policy procedure or educate a new software rollout.  We can create whiteboard videos for RYAN that are easy to manipulate, translate and understand.

General Ideas

construction video

Our Work Flow

Built Trust

We like to work with people we trust.  This is the one thing we cannot buy with money and we value it highly.  We work hard to give you our best and we expect the same from our clients.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Great videos need a great plan.  Storyboarding, location scouting, and using the right gear is all a part of the planning process to make sure it is done the best way, the first time.

Shoot. Edit. Revise.

We shoot according to the plan.  With all of the days scheduled and budgeted, we can be confident we will have your video on time, looking great!

Consult. Revise. Publish.

After you give us your initial thoughts and ideas from watching the video, we go back to the editing suite and work hard to polish the video, add music, and finalize any last details before publishing the video online.



Imagine a voice-over describing some of the details behind the mission and vision at Ryan Companies. Since Everything is customizable in Motion 5, the music, colors, and text can be changed.

Moving 3D Text

Everything you see is custom and fully customizable.  Animating text and video graphics is a great way to create a compelling storyline and we are excited to work with you and develop something unique for your brand.

Parrallax Photos

Bring old and new photos to life with a parallax effect created in photoshop and motion 5, where they can be animated, add text, lights and other different effects.

Custom Special Effects

Custom titles and intros can be created in Motion 5 for an engaging visual experience.

VFX Custom Intros

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Be sure that you do it in the best way possible with a custom VFX animated intro.

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