Music Videos

Project Description

Ben wanted a video that showcased himself riding a bicycle with Charlie Parr.  They wanted it to look authentic, uncut and raw.  They embraced the mistakes and bumps in the road and want it to show in the video.  We chose to use the live recording from a show at Bryant Lake Bowl to accompany the footage from the ride.

Project Details

Client – Ben Weaver
Date – July  1, 2014
Skills – Music Video, Live Recording
View –

Live Video Recording

The Process

Live music is one of the few places we can connect directly with artists while they are creating.  This raw connection and process of creation is difficult to capture, contain or explain to those not present.  Our music videos strive to capture this essence and the emotion created in each venue.

Capture Your Story

Every song was inspired by some person, place, or emotion.  We enjoy re-discovering this place with artists to help show a story within a music video that captures the song’s inspiration.

Live Shooting

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